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Sodium stearate some simple introduction

2013-09-10 by seoer8

Sodium stearate , calcium stearate is carried out with sodium chloride metathesis reaction derived fine white powder, metallic calcium content of 6.5%, mp 149-155 ℃, heating loss is less than 2%, the relative density of 1.08, fineness By 0.075mm sieve 99.5%, free acid (as stearic acid) 0.5%, in the air, water absorption.
The product can be used as a thermal stabilizer of polyethylene, has excellent lubricity, good processability, and an epoxy compound with zinc soap and having a synergistic effect, can improve the thermal stability, and the base of lead salts and lead soap and used hardware products, you can improve the speed of gelation. This product can be used in polyethylene and polypropylene resins to eliminate residual catalyst on the adverse effects of color and stability. This product is also widely used as a polyolefin, polyester reinforced plastic, phenolic resin, amino resin, thermosetting plastics lubricants and release agents.
Sodium stearate of formula Na (C18H35O2) {i.e. (C17H35COO) Na}, molecular weight 306.46. 7.51% sodium containing stearic acid 92.50, purity 99.5%. White powder or white block, with creamy, fatty taste, soluble in water or alcohol-water solution is alkaline due to hydrolysis. Melting point 100 ~ 110 ℃, should be kept in kept in a cool, dry, well ventilated place.

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