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Iron oxide red iron oxide black heat resistance

2013-09-11 by seoer8

In general applications, the heat resistance of iron oxide red is not a problem, but generally iron oxide yellow, iron oxide black and brown, due to the presence of water of crystallization (yellow iron oxide) FeO (iron black), crystal water (brown iron ), starting at 1 770C under dehydration or oxidation discoloration occurs, and therefore can not be used at higher temperatures required for processing plastics, rubber and paint baking. Heat iron oxide by dispersants, pigment powders synthesized by interfacial chemical reaction, compared with ordinary iron oxide pigments, in the application process has several advantages:
First, the excellent anti-flocculation, easily dispersed, the dispersion stability of the increase;
Second, the good weather fastness, used in paints, gloss coating can improve, and with the temperature change coloration more stability;
Third, superior chemical resistance, acid and alkali resistance improved products;
Four, excellent heat resistance, making the powder particles at high temperatures in a relatively stable state, making products with a wider range of applications. Heat iron oxide pigments particularly suitable for automotive OEM coatings, automotive repair paint, coil coatings, industrial coatings, colorants, and a variety of high-gloss opalescent paint, plastic, and ceramic body, and so on.

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