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Plasticizer selected mystery

2013-09-14 by seoer8

PVC products designed to use different requirements of different nature plasticized system, and ideal plasticizer should meet the following requirements.
Plasticized high efficiency, good compatibility, low volatility.
Migration resistance is small, with time delay shift products or other materials will not migrate to the surface in contact.
Extraction resistance, good products with a solvent such as oil or water contact, diffusion of the plasticizer does not occur.
For optical, thermal stability, good products the plasticizer long-term exposure at high temperatures, do not cause decomposition or change their properties.
Low temperature flexibility, good products at low temperatures without losing its flexibility.
Good electrical insulation properties.
Good mechanical properties.
Odorless, colorless, non-toxic.
Anti-fungal properties.
Low prices.
However, to meet the above requirements, relying on a plasticizer is impossible to achieve, the need is a mixed plasticizer system, new plasticizer, is able to meet these conditions a new type of plasticizer, it is chlorinated with DOP wax mix, pellets can be obtained in a highly filled plasticized ideal body.

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