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Fluorescent whitening effect of the latest

2013-09-17 by seoer8

FWA scalability of insect virus manifested in two aspects, one is to expand the domain host insect viruses. 1) Wide range of applications. fluorescent brightener for many kinds of insects tested nuclear polyhedrosis virus has enhanced role, and gypsy moth cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus, the virus particle body gypsy moth, Dendrolimus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus and so reflects the good enhancement. (2) enhance the effect. Found by experiment, optical brighteners and other varieties of optical brighteners, compared with the same concentration under the same conditions added to some insect viruses infect the host, the infection good activity, high efficiency ratio, insecticidal speed fast. Institute of Entomology, Central China Normal University, Guo Junhui, PENG Jian-xin et al to 3rd instar bollworm pest chosen as test fluorescent brighteners and fluorescent brighteners, fluorescent brighteners are formulated into a 1% concentration, test them on celery exigua nuclear polyhedrosis virus synergism was found with the virus do not add fluorescent brightener compared synergistic ratios were 218; 32.1 and 26.26 times, respectively, increased insecticidal rate of 28%; 17.3% 13.1 %. Other tests also confirmed that a variety of fluorescent whitening effect insect viruses and insects are extremely significant system performance and stability enhancement, to be research FWA (stilbene) enhancing effect on insect viruses standard sample.

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