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Biological oxidation some simple introduction

2013-09-23 by seoer8

Person's metabolism also like epoxidation of soybean oil , which is the human body every day, rust , arising out of " rust " in medicine where called " free radicals ."
Free radicals are particles with an unpaired electron . Because with a singular electronics, it is very unstable , with high chemical reactivity, it is easy and a surrounding molecular reaction, the molecule becomes unstable free radicals . Repeated so will a lot of free radicals derived . Radicals are very active , very restless . Like our human society eager for bachelors , if the total can not find the ideal partner, may become factors of social instability .
Under normal circumstances , life is inseparable from free radical activity . Our body all the time moving from the inside to the outside , every moment in burning energy, and is responsible for transferring energy porters radicals. When these radicals to help energy conversion can not be enclosed in cells scurry run around , they are harmless to life . However, if the activities of radical loss of control over a certain amount, the normal order of life will be destroyed , the disease might ensue.
So radical is a double-edged sword . Many diseases are now known to have radical causes in everything, such as rheumatoid arthritis , acute respiratory distress syndrome, AIDS, and periodontal disease . In addition to free radical damage to cells will , the worst trick lies in its ability to launch radical chain reactions , and further deterioration , damage body tissues . This [ knock ] quite amazing : normal chemical substances made ​​up of atoms and molecules that make up the Department and the need to carry two pairs of electrons to maintain the stability and chemical states ; while radicals contain unpaired electrons which are molecules or atoms , so it dire need to snatch other molecules or atomic electron Minato right, in order to appease its wild, remain stable . However, if the radicals seizing objects are proteins, carbohydrates, sugars , fats and other substances in the body must , these lost electrons in nutrients, not only because of oxidation was unrecognizable , but will further leverage its radical new identity , go rob other electronic thus creating a vicious cycle [ radical chain reactions ] ; gradually damage the body's function so corrupt .

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