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Plastics and Health

2013-09-27 by seoer8

In life plastic products occupy a large market , to bring a lot of convenience , but it is most easily overlooked plastic products in the end there is no harm to health it ? Plastic products should be how to properly use it ?
Disposable cups choice: Plastic chemical cup ( it should only install cold water or cold drinks ) if fitted hot water or beverage , plastics harmful substances will dissolve them into our bodies. Cups ( can be mounted hot water ) such as non- qualified products , then there may be made ​​of paper , or even a used toilet paper, adding industrial grade talc , calcium carbonate to increase the whiteness. These chemicals dissolved in water into our bodies. Including cups containing ink composition on the pattern ( benzene , toluene , xylene ) containing heavy metals , will be dissolved in water , the blood , liver damage . Straw of choice: the same reason and plastic cups , the darker the more insecure . Its truth and cup pattern above pattern on the same harm . Disposable chopsticks choice: All chopsticks will be used in the production process chemicals ( hydrogen peroxide , sulfur , etc. ) , is not recommended. Bowl Selection: plastic bowl ( with all plastics same reason ) do not have to spend colored. Anti bowl ( ingredients are melamine formaldehyde added ) , not containing acidic foods ( such as vinegar ) and hot food . In case of failure of the product but can not use ingredients combined with unstable, releasing toxins. Bags choice: a taste of the firm can not use ( up equipment installed garbage ) , the darker the more can not be used . Should not be fitted with oil, with a temperature of foods ( cause leaching of harmful substances ) . Disposable lunch boxes choice: multi unqualified waste plastic lunch boxes , industrial-grade calcium carbonate, talc , paraffin made ​​, heat the oil in case of dissolution of the harmful substances. High transparency lunch box should be selected ( not the best ) . Wrap selection: crumpled and then expand , wrinkled wrinkles than no good , prove that no plasticizer. Avoid oil loading , hot food . Best not to feed microwave. In fact, comprehensive description of all , you can learn : paper products to choose qualified products when you buy to see whether there is QS mark , whether mug printed with manufacturer information, and contact information. All plastic products ( including qualified products ) are not suitable for oil loading , hot or acidic foods , can not enter the microwave, even a qualified , indicating you can enter microwave plastic products, but also best not to use because we are will the health risks . In addition, a qualified plastic products are usually labeled material, before you buy and use to see if there is a triangle consisting of three arrows graphics ( on behalf of recyclable ) , graphics should be marked digital intermediate ( on behalf of the product material ) . Average figures for the relative safety of 5 and 7 , you can heat or into the microwave Shanghai , but still say the same thing , best not to enter, because you can does not mean fit , there are still risks . To everyone 's health, the best way is not to use a one-time thing , whether qualified unqualified, only two consequences , endangering the health and harm the Earth's environment .

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