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About FWA

2013-09-28 by seoer8

Fluorescent brighteners (fluorescent brightener) is a fluorescent brightener , or a known white dye, is a complex organic compound. Its characteristics are able to produce fluorescence excitation light rays, so that the dye substances for similar fluorspar glittering effect, so that the naked eye can see very white substance to achieve whitening effect.
Fluorescent brightener is a color conditioning agents with bright whiten and brighten effect, widely used in papermaking, textile, detergents and many other fields. FWA about 15 kinds of basic structure types, nearly 400 kinds of structures. Allows the laundry detergents of the fluorescent whitening agent is added in two types: distyrylbiphenyl (such as CBS, etc.) and bis-stilbene-triazine group (such as 33 #, etc.).
Fluorescent brightener can absorb invisible ultraviolet light, (a wavelength range of about 360-380 nm), is converted to longer wavelength visible light blue or purple, which can compensate for unwanted matrix yellowish, while reflecting the ratio the original incident wavelength of 400 - 600 nm range more visible, so that the products appear whiter, brighter, more vivid.

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