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Distilled monostearate

2013-09-29 by seoer8

Natural plant oils as raw materials to produce Glycrin monostearate , referred to as monoglycerides, Guangzhou Guardian music monoglycerides purified through six molecular distillation technology more than 99% active ingredient, also known as molecular distilled monoglycerides, is the most widely used food additives, safe for food, pharmaceuticals, plastics and other production and processing, accounting for more than half the amount of emulsifier market. Molecular distilled monoglycerides in with emulsifying glyceryl monostearate higher concentrations, excluding the reduction in the efficiency of impurities, so emulsifying capacity than crude ester increased 3-4 times, adding 0.05 to 2% of the general will be able to achieve food and other products processing needs, with the color white, odorless, stable performance characteristics.
China is now the larger manufacturers in Guangzhou Guardian music, is specialized in producing molecular distilled monoglycerides of large manufacturers, Guardian music also produces a variety of food grade emulsifiers, levels have reached the national level and cooperation with many domestic research and development of schools class advanced emulsifiers.

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