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Plastic additives introduction of some of the major

2013-10-08 by seoer8

Additive is dispersed in the molecular structure of the plastic , the plastic will not seriously affect the molecular structure , and can improve the properties or reduce the cost of chemicals. pvc-additive to be added , can cause the plastic substrate to improve the processability, physical, chemical and other functions and increasing the substrate physical and chemical characteristics of the main requirements of plastic additives are: ① Efficient: applications in plastics processing and effective play its proper function . Selection should be based on the additive mixing with the comprehensive performance requirements. ② Compatibility : Can better compatibility with synthetic resin
Plastic Additives
. ③ Persistence: in the plastic processing and application process is not volatile, non-bleeding and non-migratory and non- leaching . ④ Chemical stability : in the plastic processing and application process does not decompose with the synthetic resin and other components of the chemical reaction . ⑤ Non-toxic : no toxic effects on the human body . ⑥ low prices.
Additives added depends on : the physical form of synthetic resin and melt characteristics ; physical form and concentration of additives ; additive compounds, the dispersion and solubility ; compounds, the ultimate physical condition. When adding multiple high-speed mixing , mixing and extrusion processes. The effect additives may be added , in addition to depending on their mechanism of action , but also depends on the correct order of addition .

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