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Introduction of the carbon black primary

2013-10-10 by seoer8

carbon black powder is a black powdered amorphous carbon . Carbon black is the average diameter of 2 ~ 3nm accumulation spherical particles formed or chain , the internal diameter of 3 ~ 500nm containing microcrystalline structure and a variety of free radical reactions. The proportion of carbon black is 1.8 to 1.9 , the proportion of particulate carbon black reactor is 0.35 to 0.4 , the proportion of powdered carbon black reactor is 0.04 to 0.08 . Hydrocarbons at temperatures above 800 ℃ , with a few milliseconds for carbonization , it was black . Natural gas and petroleum distillate as raw material, partially burned in a furnace to obtain a furnace carbon black. Also, according to the type of raw materials and production method of a groove method, acetylene method , pyrolysis method and a lamp method , its use is not the same. As the rubber reinforcing carbon black used mainly for the manufacture of automobile tires . Carbon black pigment with Sheng : High pigment carbon black , carbon black pigment , normal pigment carbon black, water-soluble carbon black, green black, black insulation , high temperature carbon black, carbon black ink , paint with black, sealed rubber carbon black , carbon black masterbatch , chemical fiber with carbon black, carbon black paste , leather with carbon black, carbon black, cement , ceramics , carbon black, blue phase carbon black pigment , ink black plastic , PVC cable material with carbon black, blowing masterbatch with carbon black, silica gel using carbon black copper , paper and coloring carbon black, carbon black epoxy floor paint , automotive paint with carbon black, carbon black and other anti-corrosion paint of high-grade carbon black pigment !

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