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Tribasic lead sulfate main presentation

2013-10-12 by seoer8

Tribasic lead sulfate properties and uses of tribasic tribasic lead sulphate is most commonly used as a PVC stabilizer. It has excellent heat resistance and electrical insulation resistance, light resistance is still good. Suitable for opaque PVC rigid pipe, sheet, injection molding and leather, film and other soft products. As excellent electrical properties, widely used in PVC electrical insulating materials. This product has no lubrication, the lubricant should be added to the formulation. Its light stable than Dibasic lead phosphate, and dibasic lead phosphate, dibasic lead stearate, a synergistic effect, can improve the weather resistance of the products. Note This product is toxic, especially powdered products in the production and use should be taken to avoid dust inhalation.
Tribasic lead sulfate Dosage: electrically insulating compound 6 a 8 parts; non-electrical use extruded products in five or so; calendered products four one five; LP formulation 2 parts (with a dibasic acid lead and used), a rigid products 2 5 parts (with two copies of dibasic lead stearate and use).

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