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Lightweight magnesium hydroxide Applications

2013-10-14 by seoer8

In modern industrial production and development, has been widely used in various industrial raw materials , lightweight magnesium hydroxide has become the darling of industrial development , industrial development has been widely used in various industries . Used in rubber, rubber sheet , rubber and other materials, manufacturing , is also widely used in the food industry , glass and steel manufacturing , paper production and reinforcing filler material and the like , increasingly wide range of applications . 1 , light magnesium oxide and neoprene rubber products mainly in the production of adhesives widely used acid absorption plays the role of agents and accelerators , plays in the chloroprene adhesive curing crosslinking agent and resin chelation scorch cooperation purposes.
2 , the production of magnesium hydroxide in the ceramic sintering effect can be reduced .
3 , the wheel , the paint industry can be used as a filler medium , in medicine as an antacid and laxative can neutralize gastric acid , the stomach and duodenal ulcer disease play a good role in food processing plays brighteners and bleaching agent.
4 , the biggest use is in agriculture as fertilizer and livestock feed , animal and plant some of the major low substance prevents the nervous system caused by magnesium deficiency disorders .
5, the environmental protection as the flue gas desulfurization agent , can replace caustic soda and lime as a substitute , plays the role of neutralizing agent . Also used as oil additives , corrosion and desulfurization . In addition, also used in steel processing , printing and dyeing industry, chemical industry , etc. , is to create a variety of industrial salt, the main raw material .

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