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What is the application of iron oxide green

2013-10-15 by seoer8

iron oxide yellow pigments are iron oxide kind on the market today use one colorant , and use it a good coloring effect , or a variety of metal surfaces can give for coloring building materials , wherein the iron oxide green and cement can were mixed oxide green with a stable chemical and physical properties , to enhance the color of the product play a role, because this characteristic of iron oxide green processing can be applied to concrete brick color , colored asphalt. These materials can be described as covered with a glorious coat.
Well oxide green applied to the laying of cement concrete pavement which will also affect the quality of its pavement it ? We all know that the road was a strong pressure to bear every day , and experiencing the wind and rain and other weather changes, people can not help but suspect that the use of iron oxide green, the processing of the product will not have faded happen ? Of course not , iron oxide green, has a very high temperature resistance , which can be maintained at 200 degrees Celsius color stability , I believe , the weather is never too high temperatures no higher than 200 degrees right , so it will not affect the high-temperature , then water, then, no properties of green oxide with water , will not dissolve in water , in addition it has a certain degree of acid resistance and alkali resistance , when mixed with cement and other building materials , will cause the cement powder, only enhance its resistance to stress . So , on the whole , according to these characteristics of iron oxide green , it can be reasonably applied to various fields were to go.

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