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Organic pigments can do

2013-11-02 by wsdchemical

. With colored organic pigments as raw material referred to as organic pigments.
Classification by structure can be divided into:
(A) 59% of azo pigments
(2) 24% phthalocyanine pigments
(3) triarylmethane pigment 8%
(4) Special Pigment 6%
(5) 3% polycyclic pigments
Organic pigments bright, strong coloring; density, non-toxic, but some varieties light, heat, solvent and migration resistance often than inorganic pigments.
This is the chemical raw materials, then you can go buy a bigger chemical paint shop, where to sell a variety of pigment powder, organic pigments, but only a few varieties of colors, not all colors are organic, and more generally for the red and yellow, as well as phthalocyanine phthalocyanine blue and green and the like. Chemical paint shop pigment powder is sold on the kilogram, if you own a small experiment may not be so great requirement, but others will not sell a teaspoon to you, which is after all not household chemicals.

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