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Long-term exposure to lead what will happen with adverse reactions

2013-11-02 by wsdchemical

dibasic lead phosphate into the body after being drawn into the blood circulation in the secondary lead phosphate dibasic lead glycerophosphate protein complexes and lead ions scattered in the shape of circular end covered about 95 % of the subsequent phosphate tribasic lead way piling up in the bone structure of a large number remain in the bone marrow and kidney Insufficiency of the heart muscle and blood brain blood lead scattered in about 95 % of red blood cells in the blood and soft structure of lead concentration is too high when the toxic effects of lead can occur stored in the bones do not attack symptoms ; trauma tired because he argued drinking beverages containing alcohol or drugs while serving acidic acid-base equilibrium destroyed bone insoluble tribasic lead phosphate into soluble phosphate dibasic move blood lead ; since adding a small amount of blood lead levels of lead poisoning can attack symptoms of lead poisoning secondary restraint cells containing thiol enzymes leaving the body's biochemical and physiological function of small artery spasm seizures prevent damage caused by capillary endothelial cells affect energy metabolism lead to confusion porphyrin metabolism disorders methemoglobin decomposition of protein and erythrocyte membrane changes the normal function of inhibitory muscle phosphocreatine re- decomposition and thus present a series of pathological changes in the nervous system herein kidneys and blood vessels so blood piecemeal changes clinical manifestations of a more obvious . abdominal pain, diarrhea , vomiting, stool was black ; 2 . headache , dizziness , insomnia , and even anxious, awake ; 3 . palpitations, ghastly pale , blood deficiency ; 4 . vasospasm, liver and kidney infringed ; diagnosis based on 1 fight history of lead and its compounds ; 2 have typical clinical signs and symptoms ; 3 . urine or blood lead levels clearly lower ; heal criterion 1 . completely eliminate the poison ( gastric lavage , catharsis washing the skin ) ; 2 . using special antidote ; 3 . symptomatic treatment ; medication criterion 1 . mild to medication box to limit the "A" and "B" treatment. (2) severe restrictions on medication box "A", "B", "C" comprehensive treatment. 3 Lead can be used when necessary drugs .

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