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1. Complete and more products to meet customer demand.

WSD Chemical not only produce some PVC additives&PVC chemicals by itself, but also have good work relationship with other Polymer Additives factories, in accordance with product standards and end-user requirements, finally providing one-stop PVC chemicals solution for you.

2. Professional testing group ensure satisfying quality.

WSD Chemical have one professional product development and testing team on PVC chemicals,help its customer ensure that all the products supply from our company meet the technical requirements of applications on PVC industry before shipment.

3. Fast and Flexible shipment.

WSD Chemical have itself big warehouses and many partner factories, which enable us arrange shipment in a fast and flexible way, according to our PVC plastics customer requiry. The delivery time should be 7-10 days.

4. Less investment, more benefit you will get.

Except offering diversified plastic additives , WSD Chemical also provide PVC plastics production formula support for our PVC plastics customers, which will help customer save purchasing cost, time cost, capital cost and risk cost. It is a win-win opportunity and both of us will gain maximum benefits through cooperation.

5. Flexible payment terms.

With an effort to solve customers' payment problems and save payment cost, WSD Chemical have different bank accounts in China, Singapore,and Hongkong, TT, LC, DP, and other different payment methods are available.

6. Technical Service Team.

What’s the most important is, WSD Chemical have a professional technical service team to offer you professional advice and service, with quite rich experience in the PVC & rubber industry including PVC pipe, PVC fitting,PVC profile, PVC board, PVC sheet, PVC soles,PVC wire or cable compound and etc’s production,PVC raw material selection, mix formula, application, production optimization and other aspects. We are here at your service !



U-PVC pipe & fittings

  • Fittng used as a link accessories, usually used with PVC pipe together, mainly used on municipal engineering, building materials. Power communications, agricultural irrigation and so on.

PVC panel & ceiling board

  • PVC panel mainly including PVC ceiling board, PVC foaming board.and other kinds panel. Roof tile also mainly used on Factories, villas, family. replacel soil tile, steel tile.

PVC sheet & film

  • PVC film and sheet as As a kind of important packaging materials are mainly used in building materials, packaging, pharmaceutical and other industries.

PVC & WPC foam board

  • PVC foam board is also called the chevron board and Andy board, widely used in cars, roof box core, with interior panels, wall panels and so on.

PVC Compound

  • In PVC extrusion process, we are unsually use twin screw extruder, general requirements is no need granulation. But for single screw extrusion process, it is necessary to granulation.

PVC window & door

  • PVC window and door is commonly used as copper, zinc, aluminum and other nonferrous metals and wood substitute products.

About WSD
  • WSD chemical, Specificational manufacturer&supplier on PVC additive more than 15 years.We are PVC additive one-stop suppiler and PVC industry one-stop-technicl seviries Our product mainly inluding: Metallic stearate. PVC stabilizer,plasticizer,lubricants,Impact modifier, processing aid, pigments, optical brightener, antioxidants, uv asbosrbers..our products widly used on PVC pipe, fitting, profile, window ,door,wire, cable,sole,foam board and so on

Factory Workshop
We have many production plants, we have an independent product R & D center, product testing center, to ensure the product of our products meets the requirements.
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