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PVC lubricants can improve the flow of resin and the release of the product in the plastic processing, prevent the

internal or mold adhesion and produce defects.

PVC lubricants have external lubricant and internal lubricant two kinds.

External lubricant have poor compatibility of the resin, so it is commonly used in the molding machine or mold,

it forms a lubricating layer between the resin and machine,external lubricant mainly inluding paraffin wax,

Polyethylene wax, lubricants G70.

Internal lubricant have good compatibility with the resin, mixed into the resin, reduce the melt viscosity of the resin,

improve its liquidity. Internal lubricant mianly inluding stearic acid n-butyl stearate,OPE WAX, Lubricant G60.

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