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WSD Chemical limited, professional Manufacturer&Trader on PVC additive for 15 years.
We are PVC additive one-step supplier and PVC industry one-stop-technical services.
Our products mainly including,
1. Metallic Stearate
2. PVC Stabilizer
3. Plasticizer
4. Internal&external Lubricants
5. Impact Modifier
6. Processing Aid
7. Organic&inorganic pigments
8. Optical Brightener
9. Antioxidant
10. UV Asbosrbers

We have 10 R&D term and 10 QC term and 15 technical services term .
We have strong sale term, and at same time, we also already build Pakistan office(Spell group)
Bangladesh office(NAZRUL PIPE INDUSTRIES LTD) and more and more office in other country will buid Because of good quality, competitive price, and full services. Our products have used on big markets, such as South Korea, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Pakistan, Turkey, Bangladesh, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Nigeria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Tunisia, Mexico, Libya, Venezuela .Bolivia, Peru and so on.

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