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How to classify pvc stalilizer?

PVC stabilizer can be divided into main stabilizer and auxiliary stabilizer according to its action diffrent. The

auxiliary stabilizer itself has little stabilization or no thermal stabilization effect, but it has synergistic effect

with the main stabilizer; the main stabilizer is usually a thermal stabilizer containing metal.

Pure organic compounds such as epoxides, phosphite and polyols are generally used as auxiliary stabilizers.

Because many kinds of PVC heat stabilizers are needed to achieve the good stability, some commercial

PVC stabilizers are compounded by many components and become one stabilizers, one  pack pvc

stabilizer usually been added with lubricants and other additives needed for the processing of pvc to

facilitate user use.

In pvc industry mainly three type pvc stabilizer be used

1.lead based pvc stabilizer, inluding lead oxide, lead soap and lead salt, and their compound(we

call one pack), these series stabilizer have excellent heat stability and compitive cost

2.zinc based pvc stabilizer,Including Ca/Zn, Ba/Zn, Ba/Cd/Zn stabilizer, based on pvc plastics whether

need plasticizer, divide liquid stabilizer and solid zinc based pvc stabilizer,this series pvc stabilizer

espessionaly liquid stabilize have good transparents and lead free, good weather ability

3.Tin based PVC stabilizer,Lauric esters, maleic esters and mercaptan,these series pvc stabilizer

High efficiency, high transparency, excellent heat resistance, and resistance to sulfur pollution

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