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Why we choose optical brighteners OB-1 and FP-127 be used on PVC plastics ?

PVC plastic products we can use OB.OB -1. KCB, KSN, FP-127, but finally we chose to use OB-1 

and FP-127 due to use effect and cost


OB-1 is bright yellow green crystal powder, melting point of 350-355 ℃,it is blue color. which is the 

best heat resistance among all optical brighteners at present. It can be used for whitening PE, PP, 

PVC, ABS, PA, PC and other plastics. Its dosage is low, adaptability is strong, dispersibility is good.

excellent heat resistance and climate resistance, and can be used for whitening plastic products for 

food packaging and children's toys.


1. OB-1 is one of the best and cheapest optical brighteners for plastics

2.Optical brightener OB-1 is the highest temperature resistance optical brithener,.The temperature

resistance can be 350 degrees, especially suitable for plastic products requiring high-temperature processing

3. OB-1 has high color and light intensity, OB-1 is divided into green phase and yellow phase products .

The fluorescence of green phase is blue, yellow phase is blue and purple,sowe usually use green phase type OB-1

4.less dosage:

Advise dosage:Transparency: 0.0025-0.005% (2.5g-5g)

General dosage: 0.0025-0.025% (2.5g-25g), not more than 0.03% (30g)


Poor weather resistance, easy migration and precipitation, poor stability, and products prone to yellowing

and discoloration


Optical brighener FP-127 is a light yellow powder, and a melting point of 219-221 ℃.it is blue color, It is 

suitable for whitening various plastic products, especially for PVC and polystyrene with better compatibility 

and whitening effect. It is especially suitable for soft PVC products. It has the advantages of long-term storage 

without yellowing and fading


Compared with the optical brightener OB-1, FP- 127 has no migration problem, better weather resistance

and stability, but the temperature resistance of FP-127 is not as strong as OB-1, but it can also withstand 

the temperature of 220 ℃, which meets the production temperature of most PVC.


The recommended dosage FP-127

PVC: whitening: 0.01-0.05% (10-50g / 100kg material);

Transparency: 0.0001-0.001% (0.1-1g / 100kg material)

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