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What is lead based one pack pvc stabilizer?

Before we introduce lead soap and lead salt pvc stabilizer, but in pvc industry,single lead stabilizer have low heat

stability and no lubricants,cant work in pvc industry,  usally use them together can get good heat stability At same

time,all single lead stabilizer is powder form, Inhalation of powder will harmful for our body.

So one pack pvc stabiizer is new type pvc stabilizer for PVC industry,it have excellent thermal stability ,good banlance

of external and external lubricants, compitive price , widely used one all type non transparent PVC plastics.

Lead based one pack PVC stabilizer is mainly composed by lead stabilizer such as tribasic, lead stearate, dibasic

lead phosphate, dibasic lead stearate and other co- stabilizer, antioxidants, internal and external lubricants

Based on diffrent application, lead based one pack PVC stabilizer have diffrent lead content, and diffrent lubricants

system.Usuallyfollow is lead based one pack PVC stabilizer mainly index and applicaitons:

Lead content,%    applications:

30-31             PVC pipe, PVC foam board

25-30             PVC ceiling board, PVC panel

20-23             PVC sole or soft hose

40-45             PVC pipe fittings, windows, door, PVC compound for Cable or wire

As a good result of one pack pvc stabilizer, we not only care abaot lead content, but also we need notice that i

t must have a good banlance lubricants more important

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