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Why we use fillers on plastics?

The main purpose of adding fillers to plastics:

1. Improving the processing and material properties of plastics: 

for example, improving the dimensional stability, heat resistance, hardness, weatherability,

flame retardancy, aesthetics,fluidity, strength and stiffness of products.

2.Reduce cost

Compared with pure plastics, the price of filler is generally very low. Adding filler can greatly 

reduce the cost of plastics products.

Fillers are divided into two main categories

1,A kind of filler with the main purpose of increasing the volume of plastics and reducing cost 

of products,it is also called incremental agent. Cheap filler not only reduces the  cost of plastic 

products, improves the utilization of resin, but also enlarges the application scope of resin.

Moreover, the application of some fillers can also give or improve some specific properties 

of products, such as dimensional stability, rigidity, shading and electrical insulation

2.Another kind of filler is mainly used to increase the strength and mechanical properties of 

plastic products, also called as reinforcing agent, which can significantly improve the mechanical 

properties of plastic products, generally fibrous materials or their fabrics. Generally speaking,

the mechanical strength of plastics, such as impact strength, modulus of elasticity and rigidity,

can be doubled by adding a proper amount of reinforcing materials to the resin. At the same

time, the dimensional stability of the products can be improved, the shrinkage rate can be 

reduced, and the thermal deformation can be reduced.

Plastic fillers include inorganic fillers (such as calcium carbonate, clay, talc, diatomite, silica, 

mica powder, asbestos, metal, metal oxides, etc.) and organic fillers (such as thermosetting 

resin hollow spheres, wood powder, powder cellulose, etc.).

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