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What is plastic lubricants?

PVC Lubricant is an indispensable additives in PVC processing. Adding proper amount of lubricant in PVC

can improve the fluidity of PVC melt, improve production efficiency, prevent the decomposition of PVC

caused by friction heat, and improve quality of the products’ surface. 

According to function, it can be divided into external lubricant and internal lubricant.

External lubricants because the poor compatibility with PVC resin, and it is easy to migrate from the inside

of the resin melt to the surface to form a lubricant interface layer, thus reducing the friction between the

PVC melt and the plastic mechanical

Internal lubricant contains polar groups and has good compatibility with PVC. It can reduce the

intermolecular force of PVC, reduce the intermolecular friction, reduce the viscosity of PVC melt and

improve the melt fluidity

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