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PVC is one of the five main plastics materials after PE. Widely used in the production of transparent

sheets, pipes, fittings, plates, doors and windows, profiles, films, floors, artificial leather, packaging

materials, electrical insulation materials, cable sheaths, medical equipment and so on.

PVC is synthesized from vinyl chloride through free radical polymerization. The polymerization process

consists of suspension polymerization, emulsion polymerization and bulk polymerization. The suspension

polymerization method accounts for about 80% of the total output of PVC.

PVC can be divided into calcium carbide method and ethylene method according to the source of

vinyl chloride monomer.

According to the different production methods, pure PVC powder can be divided into general PVC resin,

high degree of polymerization PVC resin and cross-linked PVC resin.


Widely used


Easy processing and shaping

Flame retardant

Strong acid resistance, high alkali chemical

Good electrical insulation


The stability of light and heat is poor.

Poor toughness, brittleness, etc.

It needs to be modified by chemical additives


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