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Lubricats processing aid WSD-175

1. Processing aid ,Is one kind of lubricating processing aid

2. It is mainly used on foaming pipe, sheet and board

3. Lubricanting processing aid is one kind of acylic processing aid

  • Lubricats processing aid performance

    Lubricats processing aid WSD-175
    lubricats processing aid is external lubricant for pvc .can improve the ability of the device long running;
    low frictional heat, sticky and improve the dynamic thermal stability; usually reduces amount of lubricant,
    thus the machine surface precipitation and migration .

    The quality indicators
    Item Indicators
    Type WSD-175
    Appearance White powder
    Particle size (100-mesh pass rate)(%) ≥ 99
    Volatile matter ( % ) ≤ 1.0
    Intrinsic viscosity ( η ) 1.5—2.0

    It is mainly used on PVC sheet, foaming board , profiles, pipe molding process.

    The recommended dosage
    Produce Title of the production Sheet Foam pipe Foam profile
    Recommended dosage (100 phr PVC) 1-2 1-2 1-2 1-2
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