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Antioxidant 168
  • Chemical name:

    Tris(2,4-di-t-butylphenyl)phosphite,antioxidant 168,irganox 168,irgafos 168 phosphate.

    Molecular formula: C42H63O3P

    CAS No:31570-04-4

    Property of antioxidant 168

    It has fine solubility with resin and low volatility, high heat resistance and no pollution.

    Technial index of antioxidant 168

    Appearancewhite powder or particle

    Melting point183.0℃-187.0℃

    Volatile matter: ≤0.30%

    Solubility: clear

    Light transmittance: ≥98%(425mm)≥98%(500mm)

    Acid value: ≤0.30mgKOH/g

    Main content: ≥99%

    2.4-2 tertiary butyl phenol: ≤0.20%

    Hydrolytic resistance(90℃,14h): qualified

    Applications of antioxidant 168

    It is Widely used in resin material production and processing.


    25kg/paper box with inner plastic bag

    • 1.Antioxidant 168 is antioxidants in plastics

      2.Usully used with antioxidant 1010 together

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