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  • Tinuvin CarboProtect is a red-shifted UV-absorber designed for solvent-based clear or semi-transparent coatings over carbon fiber reinforced materials (CFRM) where fibers are embedded in an epoxy matrix or other UV-sensitive substrates. It provides unmatched blocking from destructive UV radiation and protects the composite materials.

    Performance requirements of aerospace coatings
    Aerospace coatings must perform in demanding environmental conditions, protect the substrates underneath and provide a beautiful appearance, all at increasingly demanding durability requirements and at coating weights as low as possible. BASF’s Tinuvin CarboProtect advanced UV absorber blocks destructive UV radiation and provides advanced substrates, such as CFRM with protection unmatched by conventional UV absorbers. With this novel technology, it is possible to engineer thinner coatings with increased durability and a maximum in photooxidative stability without sacrificing optical quality of the aircraft coatings. Thinner coatings cut down weight and require less drying time, thus reducing fuel consumption and maintenance costs. Furthermore, CFRM substrates are better protected even with pigmentfree coatings, allowing the carbon fiber weave to be displayed and utilized as a design element, for example, in parts in the cabin interior
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