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  • PVC is a raw material widely used in profiles, window profiles, pipes, cables, and many other areas of application. Additive materials are required to be able to process PVC. A stabilizer  is a combination of chemicals necessary for the processing of PVC that plays a critical role for the development of a final product in terms of desired quality and durability.


    Combined with lubricants and other additives, our stabilizer portfolio presents suitable solutions for every request. Many parameters such as the process rules (rheology) and process interval, efficiency, price, sustainability, REACH and other legal subjects, and the final product characteristics are determinative for the selection of stabilizers.


    WSD CHEMICAL stabilizers are sold  individual components so-called single stabilizers and complex formulations of these basic components the one-pack stabilizers. A very wide range of products and properties can be realised by these additives precisely adjusted to the final product performance requirements. This stabilizer range will be completed by our liquid stabilisers.


    The choice of stabilisers depends on processing technologies and requirements of the finished products. The use of stabilisers guarantees sufficient heat stability for PVC during processing and protects the end product from change due to heat, UV-light, or oxygen.

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