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High density oxidized homopolymer

1. Oxidized homopolymer, some one called it ope wax

2. It can fully replace AC-316A, OA-6

3. It mainly used on WPC or PVC foam board, foam profile

  • High density oxidized homopolymer performance

    WSD OH-6 high density oxidized homopolymer


    They are all high density oxidized homopolymer with white powder, high melting point, high

    viscosity,high crystallinity and high acidity. Can fully replace BASF Luwax OA-6.Honeywell


    Technical index

    Appearance: White powder

    Dropping point temperature 138C

    Acid value mgKOH/g : 19-22

    Viscosity (140 C), mm2/s 7000-10000

    Density g/cm_ (20 C) 0.97-0.98

    Penetration 1.0 Max

    Pine Density, kg/m3 600max


    Because of its high viscosity, high crystallinity and acidity (7-30), it has a very obvious role in promoting

    plasticization. It is very suitable for PVC foamed profiles, board. A very small dosage can promote

    plasticization very well. In the initial stage of extrusion, these products stay longer in PVC materials,

    promote the dispersion of raw materials in the formulation, and make the mixing more uniform. In the

    later stage of extrusion, it will migrate to the surface between material and metal, showing external lubricity.

    hus, it has good metal stripping property and good demoulding property.


    WSD OP-6 It is a special high temperature internal and external lubricant for PVC products. It is suitable

    for PVC foam board, PVC advertising board, PVC transparent sheet, PVC transparent film, PVC floor,

    PVC building template, PVC cabinet board, PVC profile and pipe products.

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