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Lubricant G60
  • Lubricant G60

    Plastic internal lubricant equivalent to LOXIL G60

    Chemical Ingredients: Decanedioic acid oleic alcohol ester

    Techenical index




    White flake or small particle

    flash point °C

    240 min

    acid value mgkoh/g

    2 max

    Iodine value(gl2/100g)

    2 max


    44 min


    Up to the Standard

    Performance and features:

    1.It is suitable for PVC product producing.

    2.Excellent internal lubrication.

    3.No foreign smell,Non-toxic,food package.


    1.In the process of PVC product producing,it has well lubrication,non-precipitating,excess will not harmful.

    2.In the process of PVC product producing,discharge stability,reduce melt pressure,improveliquidity.

    3.Suggestion adding amount:0.3%-1%

    • 1.lubricant g60 also called loxiol g60, mainly used as internal lubricants

      2.lubricant G60 mainly used on PVC foaming board,PVC sheet

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