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Lubricant G70
  • PVC external lubricant G70

    1.Chemical Ingredients:

    Pentaerythritol hexandioic and stearic acid esters


    Appearance White or yellowish flakes or powder

    Melting point, °C 50 - 56

    Acid value (mg KOH/g) 10 max.

    Iodine value (g I2/100g) 2.0 max.

    Flash point, °C 240 min.

    Volatility, 2 hours at 105°C, % 2 max


    PVC aggregates processing;

    PVC rigid film processing;

    PVC film calendering process.


    PVC external lubricant;

    Used for transparent products;

    Improve the release effect;

    Improve the non-viscous and free flow properties.

    5.Recommended dosage:

    0.3 - 0.7%.


    25 Kg per sack


    Stored in dry and cool places. Shelf life: 1 year

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