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n-butyl stearate
  • 1. n-butyl stearate is liquid internal lubricant

    2. It mainly used as lubricant, plasticizer and soften agent

    • Chemicals structure of n-butyl stearate
      CAS Number :123-95-5 EC Number:204-666-5
      Molecular Formular:C39H78O4 Molecular Weight:611.0342

      Typical physiochemical properties

      Items index
      Appearance colorless oily liquid
      Color (Pt-Co colorimetric) ,No 30max
      Butyl alcohol content (HPLC)% 0.1max
      Acid number (KOHmg/g) 0.2max
      Saponification value (KOHmg/g) 160-180


      Plastics n-butyl as internal lubricant used on palstics
      Cellulose Used as plasticzer.n-butyle used on cellulose
      Coatingsv paints Can effectively prevent discoloration,softer agent
      Cosmetics Used as moisturizing agent
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