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Polyethylene Wax(PE WAX)
  • 1. It is powder or flake form

    2. Molecular polyethylene is low molecular polyethylene

    3. Polyethylene wax uses as external lubrican on plastics

    • Chemical Characteris of polyethylene wax
      PE wax is low molecular polyethylene, Low adhesive, high softening point and good hardness ,good heat stability, good dispersion performance, as an external lubricant, polyethylene wax uses as a substitute for paraffin wax


      Itam Index
      Appearance White powder or flake
      Softening point (℃) 100-110
      Density (g/cm3) 0.90-0.93
      Dosage (%) 1max
      Average molecular weight 2000-3000


      Plastics PE wax as the external lubricant used on plastics
      Masterbatch Polyethylene wax as dispersant agent in masterbatch
      Paints and coatings polyethylene wax also applied in hot melt road marking material
      Rubber Used as anti-rust agent
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