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Aluminum Stearate

1. Aluminium stearate is good whiteness powder

2. Stearate aluminum mainly used as anti-setting agent, thickening agent

3. Stearate aluminum mainly used on plastics and petroleum oil

  • Aluminium stearate performance

    Chemicals structure of aluminium stearate
    CAS Number :637-12-7 EC Number:211-279-5
    Molecular Formula:C54H105O2Al Molecular Weight: 877.4056

    Aluminium stearate is Insoluble in water,slightlysoluble inethanol,soluble in petroleum ethe and so on.

    Items Index
    Color&Appearance White Fine Powder
    Al content,% 3.1-3.2
    Moisture,% 5max
    Through 180 mesh,% 99.0min
    Melting Point 120-130
    Free fatty acid,% <8.0
    Ash,% 5.8-6.0

    Paints and inks Alumium stearate as lubricants used on paints and inks
    Oil drilling As defoamer.stearate used on oild drilling
    Styrene resin As release agent.
    Plastics Aluminium stearate used as PVC stabilizers and lubricants.
    Rubber Gloss agent.

    Synthesis by stearic acid and aluminium salts.WSD is aluminum stearate suppliers.
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