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Barium Stearate
  • 1. Barium stearate is one kind of barium soap,

    2. Barium stearate 6865-35-6 mainly used as heat stabilizer and lubricants

    3. barium stearate 6865-35-6 usually used with zinc sterate and tribasic lead sulfate

    • Chemicals structure of barium stearate
      CAS Number :6865-35-6 EC Number:229-966-3
      Linear Formula [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Ba Molecular Weight: 704.28

      Technical index

      Items UNIT index
      Appearance - White Free Flowing Powder
      Bulk Density gm/cc 0.3-0.4
      Moisture (105oC ) % 2.0max
      Residue on 200 mesh % 1.0max
      Melting Point 210-220
      Melt Quality -- Clear & Transparent
      Barium content % 20-21
      Free stearic acid % 0.5max
      Assay % 25-26


      PVC plastics Barium stearate used as thermo-resistant stabilizer of PVC, with good long term thermo-resistant, with- out pollution of sulfide,it is used with cadmium salt showed excellent correspond- ing function and manufactured transparent products in consumption of 0.1 ~ 2%
      Coatings and inks barium stearate also used as thickener of lubricating fat and flatting agent of paint.
      Rubber As mould releasing agent,barium stearate also used on rubber
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