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Calcium Stearate

1. Calcium stearate also named as calcium soaps

2. Calcium stearatemanufacturing process by dry and wet process

3. What is calcium stearate, It is non-toxic PVC heat stabiilier and lubricants

  • Calcium stearate performance

    Calcium stearate MSDS
    CAS Number: 1592-23-0 EC Number: 216-472-8
    Linear Formula [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Ca Molecular Weight: 607.023

    Technical index of calcium stearate
    Property Light grade heavy grade
    Appearance White Free Flowing Powder
    Bulk Density,g/cm3 0.20 1.01
    Moisture ( at 105°C) 3max 0.5max
    Calcium content,% 6-7.1 6.8-7.1
    through on 200 mesh 98min 98.5min
    Melting Point,°C 150 ± 5 150 ± 10
    CaO content,% 8-10 8-10
    Free Fatty Matter <1 <0.5

    Features of calcium soaps
    1.Excellent thermal stability and transparency.
    2.Better effect when used together with Cd,St,Zn stearate.

    Application of calcium stearate
    Plastics Calcium stearte used on PVC soft packing box for food,leather for hose,film,sheet;
    Cosmetics As additive used on cosmetics
    PVC Compounds Usually With other metal Stabilizer is quit effective. This is non toxic product.
    Floor tile as water-proofing agent.calcium stearate used on foor tile

    calcium stearate manufacturing process,synthesis by stearic acid and calcium salt.
    Heavey grade calcium stearate prepared by the stearic acid and calcium hydroxide direct synhtesis.
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