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Lead Stearate
  • 1. Lead stearate is one lead soap, mainly used as PVC stabilizer and lubricants

    2. Stearate lead Usually used with calcium stearate ,tribasic lead sulfate

    3, We can supply dry and wet process lead stearate

    • Chemicals structure of lead stearate
      CAS Number :1072-35-1 EC Number:214-005-2
      Linear Formula [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Pb Molecular Weight: 774.1386

      Product Desciption :

      lead stearate is white powder,slightly toxic, heat resistance and creamy nature.Insoluble in water,soluble in hot ethanol and ether.

      Technical index of lead stearate

      Items index
      Bulk Density 0.6-0.7
      Moisture(105°C) <1.0
      Residue on 200 mesh <1.0
      Melting Point,°C 98-105
      Melt Quality Clear & Transparent
      Lead oxide content 30-40


      PVC plastics Lead stearate usually used as PVC stabilizer, have good lightfastness heat resistance.
      Paints Stearate lead as drier in varnish used on lacquer &paints
      Petroleum As corrosion inhibitor stearate lead used on petroleum.
      Greases As a component, lead stearate used in greases.

      Synthesis by stearic acid and corresponding lead salts.

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