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Sodium Stearate
  • 1. Sodium stearate is also called na stearate

    2 Na stearate Mainly used as emulsifying agent

    3. Na stearate Mainly used on detergents industry

    • Chemicals structure of sodium stearate
      CAS Number: 822-16-2 EC Number:212-490-5
      Molecular Formula: C18H35NaO2 Molecular Weight: 306.4591
      H.S code:2915709000


      what is sodium stearate ,It is white powder with fatty odor, greasy to touch, soluble in hot water and ethanol.


      Item Industry grade
      Colour & Appearance White Free Flowing Powder
      Moisture (105oC ),% 3max
      Free fatty acid,% 0.5max
      Particle Size (through 180mesh),% 98min
      Assay,% 98min

      Features & Benefits:
      Emulsifier, dispersant, bond, anti-corrode resistance.


      Sodium stearate is widely used in medicine, food, cosmetics and plastic etc, used as emulsifier, dispersant, bond,

      anti-corrode resistance.

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