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Zinc Stearate
  • 1. Zinc stearate ,the CAS No is 557-05-1.

    2. It is light powder.

    3. Zinc stearate powder widly used on plastics, rubber, paint and so on.

    • Chemicals property of zinc stearate

      CAS Number :557-05-1 EC Number:209-151-9

      Linear Formula [CH3(CH2)16COO]2Zn. Molecular Weight: 632.33

      Technical index of zinc stearates

      Appearance White powder

      Zinc content,% 10-11 10.5-11

      Moisture(105℃) 1.0max

      ZnO content,% 13.0-14.0

      zinc stearate melting point,℃ 118-

      Free Fatty acid,% <1.0

      Residue on 200 mesh,% <0.5

      Features of zinc stearates

      1. Zinc stearates is non-toxic heat stabilizer

      2. Good smoothing properties

      3. Can prevent initial coloring

      4. Can easily cause quick degradation,and thus use level should be strictly controlled

      Application of zinc stearates

      1.Rubber: It can improve flow of rubber and dispersion of vulcanising agent throught the compound.

      2.Plastics :It as Internal lubricants and mould release agents for Polystyrene,Phenolics,Polyolefins,

      Nylon,Melamine Master Batches and Urea.

      3.Coating: Stearate zinc as a component in the coating of abrasive papers and sanding sealers.

      4.PVC Compounds: zinc stearate mixture with calcium stearate,barium stearate as compound heat stabilzier.

      Synthesis processing

      zinc stearate powder,based on water as the medium.Synthesis by stearic acid and zinc salt.

      Heavey grade zinc sterarate prepared by the reaction of stearic acid and zinc oxide direct synhtesis.

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