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Optical Birhgtenr KSN
  • Chemicals structure of optical brightener KSN
    CAS Number :5242-49-9 EC Number:226-044-2
    Molecular Formular:C29H20N2O2 Molecular Weight:428.4813
    English name: Fluorescent Brightener KSN C.I: 368


    Item Index
    Appearance yellow green powder
    Purity,% 98min
    Melting point,°C 300min
    Volatile conten,% 0.3max
    Ash content,% 0.1max
    Fineness.mesh 325min

    Performance Features:

    1. Good fluorescence intensity and fairly sound brightening effect
    2. Widely applicability to the brightening of such chemical fibers .all kinds of plastics
    3. Carries fine compatibility with plastics and good thermal resistance.


    1. Used on polyester, nylon fiber and terylen chemical fiber.optical brighteners for paint
    2. Used on engineering plastic at high temperature as PET, PBT, PC, ABS, PA.
    3. Used on PVC, PE, PS, PP, EVA, etc .

    Application Methods:

    Recommended quantity:
    1000kg raw material.
    1. 5~20g into transparent plastics.
    2.100~200g into polyester fibers.

    • Used on nylon,PET, PBT,PA,PC

      1. Optical brightener KSN, also called optical whitening agent KSN

      2. Optical whitening agent is mainly used on polyester, nylon fiber.PET, PBT, PC, ABS, PA

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