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Optical Brightener FP-127

1. Optical brightener FP-127, also named fluorescent whitening agent FP-127

2. Optical brightener FP-127 widly used on plastics,coatings, ink, synthetic fibers and so on

  • Optical brightener FP-127 performance

    Chemicals structure of optical brightener FP-127
    CAS Number :40470-68-6 EC Number:254-935-6
    Molecular Formular:C30H26O2 Molecular Weight:418.5262
    English name: Fluorescent Brightener FP-127 C.I: 378
    Item Index
    Appearance Pale yellow green powder
    Purity ≥98%
    Melting point 219-221°C
    Volatile conten ≤0.50%
    Ash content ≤0.10%
    Fineness.mesh ≥300
    Performance Features:
    1. Dissolved in organic solvents , the maximum absorption and transmitted wavelength of 368nm and 436nm.
    2. Hold fine compatibility with the series of PVC and polystyrene.
    3. High brightness, good tone, and fine thermal and weathering resistance.
    Though especially brightness of the product series of PVC and polystyrene, fluorescent whitening agents can also be used in brightening other thermoplastics as well as coatings, ink, synthetic fibers, etc.
    Application Methods:
    Optical brightener FP-127 in every 100kg material:
    1. Polyvinyl chloride: ① white: 10~50g, ② transparency: 0.1~1g
    2. Polystyrene: ① white: 1~50g. ② transparency: 0.1~1g
    3. ABS: 10~50g
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