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Optical Brightener KCB
  • Chemicals structure of optical brightener
    CAS Number :5089-22-5 EC Number:225-803-5
    Molecular Formular:C24H14N2O2 Molecular Weight:362.3802
    English name: Fluorescent Brightener KCB C.I: 367


    Appearance light yellow green powder
    Melting Point 210~212℃
    Purity ≥99.0%
    Maximum UV Absorption Spectrum 370nm

    Performance Features:
    This product is a kind of light yellow green powder It is of good light and thermal resistance, indissolvable in water. Its spectrum can absorb the maximum wavelength of 370nm.

    Mostly used in the whtening synthetic fiber and plastics, Fluorescent Brightener 367 is widely used in plastic film, material of lamination moulding and injection moulding as well as preferable brightening efficiency on polyolefin, PVC, PVC foaming, TPR, EVA and PU foaming together with coating, natural lacquer, etc. It also has specially good effect on foaming plastics, especially EVA, PE foaming.

    Application Methods:
    The recommended quality: 0.005%~0.01% (compared to the weight of plastic raw material)

    • 1. Optical brightener KCB, also called fluorescent Brightener 367

      2. Optical brightener KCB mainly used on foaming plastics

      3. Fluorescent Brightener 367 mainly used on PVC.TPR, EVA and PU.

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