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Pigment red 57:1
  • Pigment red 57:1

    Product Name: LITHOL RUBINE BHR (PR57:1)

    Code: PR57:1-BHR Countertype:CIBA,BASF,CLARIANT;Brilliant Carmine 6B; Brilliant Carmine 6BN; Brilliant Carmine 6BY;Lithol Rubine B

    Trade Name: Rubine A6B

    C.I. Number: Pigment Red 57:1

    CAS Number: 5281-04-9

    Chamical Family: Mono azo

    Physical, Chemical and Fastness Properties

    Molecular Weight: 424.46

    Molecular Formula: C18H12N2O6SCa

    P.H. Value: 7.0-8.0

    Density: 1.8

    Oil Absorption ml/100gl: 45-55

    Light Fastness: 5

    Heat Resistance: 180

    Water Resistance: 4

    Oil Resistance: 4

    Acid Resistance: 4

    Alkali Resistance: 4


    Shade: Bluish Red

    Main Application: Offset Ink

    Can Use: Plastic

    The products have some special characteristics as follows:good dispersion, higher color strength,

    good shade color,higher transparency, mainly used in ink, plastic, rubber, paint and so on.

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