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DHR-100 Titanium dioxide anatase
  • Chemicals structure of titanium dioxide anatase
    CAS Number:13463-67-7;1317-80-2 EC Number:236-675-5;257-372-4
    Molecular Formular:TiO2 Molecular Weight:79.8658

    Physical and chemical properties:
    Titanium dioxide anatase is white powder, non-toxic, not soluble in water, it blongs to anastase type

    Features of tio2 anatase
    Surface treatment by silicon, aluminum-coated treated,It have higher whiteness, brightness, good dispersion.


    Item Specification
    First Grade Qualified Grade
    TiO2 98.0% Min.
    Brightness (Compared with the standard sample) Better than the standard sample Minute than the standard sample
    Tinting Strength (Compared with the standard sample) 100 Min. 90 Min.
    Volatile Mater at 105 °C 0.5% Max.
    Volatile Matter at 105 °C after Treating (m/m) 0.5% Max.
    Materials Soluble in Water (m/m) 0.5% Max 0.6% Max.
    PH Value in Suspension 6.5-8.0 6.0-8.5
    Oil Absorption g/100g 26 Max. 28 Max.
    Residual ( 45 um Mesh), (m/m) 0.10% Max. 0.30% Max.
    Resistance of Water Extract ( Ω m) 20 Min. 16 Min.

    Titanium dioxide anatase is mainly used as white pigment, mainly used in plastics ,rubber,coating,

    painting, printing oil, textile printing industry.

    • 1. Titanium dioxide anatase ,short name tio2 anatase.

      2. Tio2 anatase is good white pigments.

      3. Anatase titaium dioxide usually used on plastics, paint and coating, used on indoor product.

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