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Expancel microspheres
  • Expancel microspheres

    Product Description:

    Expander is a new special additive. It also named microsphere foaming agent . it is a kind of core-shell

    structure.The shell is a thermoplastic acrylic resin polymer and the core is a spherical plastic particle

    composed of alkanegases.The diameter is generally 10-45 microns. After heating, the volume can

    rapidly expand to tens of timesthan its own,thus achieving the effect of foaming. The foaming

    temperature ranges from 75 -260 C.

    Technical index

    Appearance: white powder

    Particle size 5-30um

    Initial foaming temperature (c) 70-180

    Maximum foaming temperature (c) 185-195


    1. 1.Good thermal mechanical properties.

    2.Excellent elasticity: Thermoplastic shell has excellent pressure resistance, the surface can withstand

    300 kg/square centimeter pressure, good resilience can withstand repeated cyclic pressure/pressure

    relief without rupture.

    3. Excellent foaming performance: can achieve the original 20-70 times of independent foaming effect,

    foaming is stilla complete closed body, with the traditional chemical foaming agent can not match the

    foaming effect.

    4. Environmental protection performance: Polymer microspheres are non-toxic and pollution- free,

    and can be used as environmentally friendly foaming agent in high-end products and high value-added



    Expandable microcapsule Mainly used in thermoplastic elastic foamed soles, such as TPU/TPE

    (SEBS/SBS)/TPR.Waterborne paint, waterborne printing pulp, waterborne wallp, etc.

    Applied to PVC air-blown slippers, it has the following advantages: small addition, can give PVC

    air-blown slippers ultra-light weight, small density, make the product foam fine and uniform, the product

    after stereotyping skin smooth and bright color, bright, non-matte effect (better than other types of

    expanders),soft, comfortable,small shrinkage.

    Usage method

    Easy to use, adding in the formula, mixing and stirring evenly, control the temperature can be good,

    do notneed to adjust the original process, the amount of addition according to the industry and the

    effect achievedis generally 0.5-1.5%.

    • 1.Good mechanical properties

      2.Excellent elasticity

      3,Excellent foaming performance

      4.Environmental protection performance

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