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Ba/Cd/Zn Stabilizer
1. Ba/cd/zn stabilizer is liquid complex heat stabilizer
2. The stability better than calcium zinc stabilizer and barium zinc stabilizer
3. liquid ba/cd/zn stabilizer Mainly used on PVC shoes
  • Ba/cd/zn stabilizer performance

    Physical and chemical properties og ba/cd/zn stabilizer
    It based on fatty acid barium ,cadmium,zinc salts as mainly body, and mixtured with
    phosphorous acid ,antioxidant and other chemicals. liquid ba/cd/zn stabilizer is a light yellow transparent
    liquid, the apparent density is abaot 0.96g/cm3.

    Items Index
    Appearance light yellow transparent oil liquid.
    Metal content,% 8.5min
    Dendesia 25℃,g/cm3 0.985-1.025
    Viscosity, mpa • s 55 ~ 75
    color (chrome cobalt France) 500max
    Boiling point,℃ 290-330

    This product is widely used for PVC soft, semi-rigid products, have excellent thermal stability, resistance
    to quality and transparency .Mainly used on agricultural film, transparent film, sandals, leather, wallpaper ,
    flooring, soft pipes, plates and shoes

    Recommended dosage amount:
    2 ~ 3PHR

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