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Dibasic Lead Phosphite
1. Dibasic lead phosphite/dibasic lead phosphate is important party of one pack stabilizer
2. Dibasic lead phosphite/dibasic lead phosphate have good heat stability, weatheability and UV stabilizer
3. Dibasic lead phosphite usually used with tribasic lead sulfate and lead stearate
  • Dibasic lead phosphite performance

    Dibsic lead phosphite MSDS

    English Name:dibasic lead phosphite.DLP

    Molecular Formula:2PboPbHPO3H2O


    Product introduction

    Dibasic Lead Phosphite(DBLP),White or light yellow powder. Sweet and toxic; Density is 6.1, the refractive

    index is 2.25, at about 200 °C change to the black, at about 450 °C change to yellow. No dissolve in water,

    Could soluble in hydrochloric acid, nitric acid. Dibasic lead phosphate with weatherability, excellent thermo

    stability, electrical insulating, and anti-oxidation and UV-shielding performance.

    Technical index



    Lead PbO content


    Phosphorous Acid Content


    Heating loss

    0.4% Max

    Fineness(0.075 mesh)

    0.4% Max


    Dibasic lead phosphite used as heat stabilizer for PVC, PE. Mainly used for opaque Rigid products,

    Such as outdoor Wire and cables, Building sheet, Corrugated sheet, Tube etc.

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