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Liquid calcium zinc stabilizer
  • 1. Ca/Zn stabilizer is organic stabilizer

    2. Calcium zinc stabilizer can be used production non-toxic transparent plastics

    3. Calcium zinc stabilizer usally used on soft water pipe, medicine film and food package

    • Introductions of liquid calcium zinc stabilizer

      Organic ca/zn stabilizer based on organic acid calcium, organic acid zinc as the main component and

      inluding antioxidant, plasticizer and ß-diketone. compound calcium zinc stabilizer

      Specifications of liquid ca/zn stabilizer




      light yellow transparent oil liquid.

      Calcium (Ca) content,%

      2.4 ± 0.2

      Zinc (Zn) content,%

      1.8 ± 0.2

      Dendesia 25℃,g/cm3


      Viscosity, mpa • s

      55 ~ 75

      Refractive index

      1.465 ~ 1.468

      Boiling point,℃



      Maily used on made PVC wire and cable, slush toys, films, hoses

      Reference dosage:

      2- 4 PHR

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