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  • β-diketone products (including dibenzoylmethane/DBM, stearoylbenzoylmethane/SBM) are essential auxiliary 

    heat stabilizers for zinc based stabilizers (solid or liquid calcium zinc, barium zinc, barium cadmium zinc stabilizers). 

    They can greatly improve the initial coloring of PVC, improve the transparency of products, improve the heat stability

    of stabilizers, improve the long-term stability, weather resistance of PVC products, and reduce the precipitation in 

    processing of PVC, Same time it can absorb more than 290nm ultraviolet light and has the function of light stabilization, 

    which can improve the long-term stability of PVC products


    The synergistic effect of β-diketones with epoxy soybean oil, phosphite and hydrotalcite was good. It can also be used 

    directly in PVC resin with various single component stabilizers according to the determined formula.


    Working principle of β- diketones in zinc based stabilizers


    Zinc soap reacts with PVC to produce zinc chloride, which continues to catalyze the decomposition of PVC, 

    It leads to the final carbonization and burn of PVC. β-diketone products have a very strong chelating effect. They

    can react with zinc chloride rapidly to produce β - diketone zinc, and then react with propylene chloride rapidly. Because 

    of the above displacement reaction, the polyolefin structure is effectively cut off, the degradation of PVC is effectively 

    inhibited, and the coloring of PVC products is prevented.


    β - diketone products are suitable for all kinds of non-toxic, tasteless PVC plastic products, especially for medical, 

    food packaging and other non-toxic transparent PVC products (such as PVC bottles, sheets, transparent films, etc.).

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