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  • Nano calcium carbonate/CCR is a new kind of ultrafine powder material developed from 1980s. Its particle

    size ranges from 0.01 to 0.1 um. The crystal structure and surface electronic structure of nano-CaCO3

    particles have changed due to their ultrafine structure, resulting in quantum size effect, small size effect,

    surface effect and macroscopic quantum effect that normal CaCO3 does not have.


    The production process of nano-CaCO3 is mainly carbonization, mainly including intermittent carbonization,

    continuous spray carbonization, and high gravity carbonization.then surface coated by organic materials


    Nano-CaCO3 mainly used in follow industry



    Main applications: PVC wire and cable compound, PVC calendering film, decorative patches, etc. It is also

    suitable for engineering plastics such as PP, PE, PA, PC

    Application characteristics: Because of its hydrophobic and hydrophobic and good compatibility with plastic

    resin,it can effectively improve or adjust the rigidity, toughness, smoothness and bending strength of products,

    improve processing properties, improve rheological properties, dimensional stability and heat resistance of

    products, which have the functions of filling, strengthening and toughening. It can replace some other

    expensive fillers and additives, reduce the amount of resin, and reduce cost



    Application: natural rubber, nitrile rubber, styrene-butadiene rubber, blend rubber, etc.

    Application Characteristics: Nano-caco3 has good compatibility with rubber, which has the properties of

    reinforcing, filling, color mixing, improving processing technology and product performance. It can make

    rubber easy to mix and disperse, and the rubber surface is smooth after mixing. It can also make the

    product extensibility, tensile strength and tear strength. It can reduce the gum content or partly replace

    expensive white fillers such as titanium dioxide and silica.


    Sealant, Adhesive Material

    Applications: Silicone, polyurethane, epoxy sealant and other structural sealants.

    Application characteristics: It has good affinity with the sealant. It can accelerate the crosslinking reaction

    of the sealant, greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, enhance the dimensional stability, and improve

    the mechanical properties of the sealant. Moreover, it has a large amount of additives, which can achieve

    the dual functions of filling and reinforcing. At the same time, it can make the surface of the compound

    bright and delicate.



    Scope of application: Waterborne coatings and oily coatings.

    Application characteristics: greatly improve the thixotropy of the system, can significantly improve the

    adhesion, washing resistance, stain resistance, improve strength and surface finish, and has a good

    anti-sedimentation effect. It can partly replace titanium dioxide and reduce cost.


    Printing ink

    Application: Suitable for lithographic offset printing ink, gravure printing ink, etc.

    Application characteristics: Ink with nano-calcium carbonate has good printing performance because of

    its good body and stickiness, good stability, fast drying and no adverse effect; because of small particles,

    the printing product is smooth and dots are complete, which can improve the smoothness of the ink and

    is suitable for high-speed printing.



    Paper industry is the most potential market for nano-calcium carbonate.

    Applications: Cigarette paper, record paper, sheet printing paper, high whiteness copperplate paper,

    High-grade sanitary napkins, paper diapers, etc.

    Application characteristics: The addition of nano-calcium carbonate in papermaking can improve the density,

    superficial delicacy and water absorption of paper, enhance the strength and high-speed printability of special

    paper, and adjust the burning speed of cigarette paper.

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